Sunday, July 25, 2010

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My Family Tree My Parents

I know a lot about the history of my family because my mother has much interest in our genealogy. My father's family has lived in Ohio for many generations, but came home to Ireland. The parents of my maternal grandmother came from Ireland. The history of the parents of my grandfather is very interesting. My great grandmother would have fourteen when she became pregnant with my grandfather and my grandfather would have twenty years. The two never married. My grandfather traveled widely, and there is a rumor that has eleven married life. My grandfather was born in Washington state. The parents of my great grandmother my grandfather raised him more, and have origins English Germans. My mother can trace ancestry to the Mayflower, and knows that we are related to famous pilgrims, including some witches of Salem, his accusers, and the man who created the first Thanks, William Bradford.

My mother, your mother and I traveled to Ireland six years ago, and my mother and I want to go back, my grandmother has Alzheimer's disease and not can travel. Ireland is a very beautiful country and people are the best.


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