Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harley Davidson Truck Ow

My parents met at work in the early eighties. My mother would have twenty-four and thirty-five years my father would. My father was married at the time the crazy and manipulative woman named Betty, and together would have my four brothers. My parents worked on together for three years before the divorce my father and Betty. The night after Betty said she wanted a divorce, my father kissed my mother. She believed while just wanted to silence him because he was drunk. They started out a little later, and a month moved into together. In a year, married. My mother would have to learn how to live with my brothers teens, were very difficult. My older brother tried to separate my parents, my sister was away to sports (but I was doing drugs), my brother was a teenager Galan very annoying, and my younger brother was a boy with special needs. The all were under the power of his crazy mother, which upset my father on payments to children. It was a time of Financial and emotional difficulties by my parents.

Three years after the marriage of my parents, I was born.

Many years later, my mother knew my father was a conservative, and things have never been the same.


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