Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Muscle Spasm When Stomach Is Empty

WOMEN Spanish film Yo

I like her movie WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN because it is very funny and strange . I look a little bit of me in Candela; a lot of energy, a little crazy, and she runs in bad situations sometimes. And Pepa is stubborn sometimes, but very strong lately.

But I like bad "deus ex machina" at the end, and the obvious stereotypes of women that the film plays. Many women find men Movano, emotionless
were ridiculous or crazy.
In spite of this, made a strong woman is the protagonist and the antagonist is a crazy woman because of her senses is said that the film is not according to stereotypes.

My favorite moment is when Pepa throws the phone the second time. It's very ridiculous! And then at the end Pepa says that man is nice phone for Marisa, Good match!

I like Almodóvar said Ivan, who is afraid of the reactions of women, and that is why he likes to voice mail. But it's still sad that so many women believe the lies about him.

The worst part is the translation! When police questioned Pepa and Lucy is there, she asks "Where is [Ivan]?" But the drive is called "Ca ; llat! " What is this?! It is very stupid.


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