Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dezine Your Own Tech Deck

QUESTION: Describe your experience with the English (in class and outside class) and your interactions with English speakers. What aspects of Latino cultures / Latin / English interest you? Who that has helped you develop these interests?

I started learning English when I handed seven years. I wanted learn Japanese because I have a Japanese guy, but my school did not have. But something interesting is that the guy himself is friends with Isabel Allende, the famous author of Chile. My uncle Japanese is the "medical Chinese" Cará ; character in many of his books.

many I have no experience with English outside of class. I stretched a boyfriend who had a mother who did not speak ENGL is, and I needed speak English all that knew her. M exico went once, but a tourist area where they speak ENGL és . But I was the only gringo that CHARITY the words to "La Cucaracha" on that trip and the natives thought it was funny .

E ish spa is important to me because I am Californian, and there hispanohablandos many in California. It is a skill prá ctico here. É also n, I can curse people without them knowing . It is a language easier than ENGL é s, and sometimes better language to express my feelings.


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