Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meralgia Parestheticabinder

Like Azucar Amarga the film because it shows the same problems between Cuba and the United States. For example, in the nineties and eighties, no one knew about AIDS. People thought it was as contagious as influenza and as dangerous as botulism, and reacted with fear . Also, the loss of professions, problems with time economíay protest is as the years of President Bush, especially when Fidel says no problems in the country. It's like the banner of "Mission Accomplished" of George Bush in the war on terrorism.

I like the rock in all countries have something to protest. There armoníay that unit.

To speak as a Marxist, not discuss the issue of communism because communism is not true. Communism did not exist in a government in history, with the exception of the creation of the Soviet Union & mdash but not after. Governments were called "communists" were dictatorships that were against the principal of communism. When Thomas says that the cake socialist idea that represents the truth. The themes of tourism and prostitution demonstrates capitalism, the exact opposite of communism .

I also like the relationship between Yolanda and Gustavo. It's very sensual without being totally physical, its problems are political idealists. Also fall in love with their minds with their hearts and bodies. It is a relationship as people older than Yolanda and Gustavo.

My favorite person as Bobby. "My friends say that" a character like Nora in every film, "and Bobby is.

The song that Bobby and his friends sing is beautiful! I know the name of it.


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