Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Kill me ... Comeback

And here I am again e_e
Not having updated it, and I have no excuse this time ...
just do not know to write; Nor had that downloaded

I started a nice 2011, with friends, outings, and best 8D burn me, I have a nice color. Although dolio D: but it's worth

~ yey ~ I started to write anything interesting, just EunHae. But that soon I will open my borders to other kinds of things (:

I made a tumblr yey ~ although it is somewhat difficult to change the colors, is super fun (:
If anyone can give me a hand to change the color of my theme, would be grateful *------*
and if they want to follow, here are the mio (:

I have no much to say, so I leave a letter (:

fic Title; King Kong .
Gender; Slash, Fluff, I try to clarify} {comedy.

on air.

Time 22:30 PM.

I had been sitting on the couch, which was against TV, through each channel transmitting in that time, without calling any attention.

not yet arrived, how much work they were doing? He hoped that when he got tired he did not, he missed spending some time alone with him.
Tired of boredom, HyukJae went to the child's room, hoping to entertain with something on your computer.

turned on the laptop, sitting in bed. Click-browser icon and when the page loads wrote in the search "Super Junior". They left many results, mostly in several languages, that even surprised him a bit.

started looking at each link, passing the mouse over them, until he saw something where his name appeared. Out of curiosity, click on the link and a new page is opened.

gave thanks to God Siwon if I had been taking something, I would spit on or had drowned with that substance. A great feeling of sorrow came over him and his cheeks were a color similar to that of a ripe tomato.

apparently got into an issue, where the focus was on him ... and his new side. You could clearly see a picture taken of her last appearance: Super Show 3 in Qingdao, China.

The image was of the performance that he shared with Shindong, Donghae and Heechul, who wore tight dresses and too short, and apparently that was his mistake. No, his mistake was to have echo this kind of movement, not realizing that a camera was at that moment to "capture" the scene. And that was even more distressing.

The picture showed in all its glory, is true-member principal dancer, while doing a sensual way. And that had led to a bit-too-to the fans.

saw several comments that do not know how to react. Some insurance clarified trauma after seeing this, other showing surprise, and others only saying that the rapper was well "endowed" causing a nervous laugh from him. And so was

, reading comment after comment, they were surprised by the modesty of its sometimes fans about their idols. Until he could see a couple of lines from one of them, making it burst into a sea of laughter.

"HyukJae not a monkey, is King Kong !"

continued browsing, while still reading the occurrences of their fans. Until I read one last comment could not stand the laugh.

"Surely DongHae EunHyuk must have a very happy"

The fanservice is something that can not be omitted from them. I knew if I kept looking for things like this find. But that task was made impossible when I hear the sound of door closing. And there was Donghae, the Donghae.

Little approached to him, murmuring a "I'm home" against the lips of the elderly. I smile to see him there, and HyukJae was sure that the chestnut was happy for his company.

Donghae, who sat next to EunHyuk, I see the page open and read Same comment as the most to a few minutes. I look at her companion, with no idea what those words meant for his fans, and waited for some explanation to make him understand the situation.

Dancer single river a bit, closed the laptop and looked at Donghae with a lopsided grin as he hurled at him by attacking his lips.

And yes, EunHyuk was more than sure that the child was more than pleased with him, when he sprang from his lips moans trying-vainly-jerky to pronounce the name of HyukJae, or drowned in so much pleasure asking for more. End

PS I'm more efficient, I'll post some stuff next time ^ ^


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