Monday, January 31, 2011

Changing Thermostat Subaru Impreza

The waves and wind, and cold sea

not last more than ... how many years I'm not going to sea with my dad (:
I'm super nervous, because besides that I will travel by bus on two floors, one with my sister, is February 1, osea route will be chaos D: many cars sure, but I hope to save ~
But I'm more than happy that I travel with my little sister, who does not spend much time with Dad ~

And is that my parents are separated from that I have 5 years and long ago, so I do not mind having that sort of thing people ~
My sister two years ago that "talks" to my dad, I have some hatred, oh well ... actually is a partner, she believes this separated us over our Pope, we're already 90 kilometers away, though I know that I got it, but at a time when I was younger I also I thought I could not blame my dad did not want to see us believe, although I knew it was not true ...
My dad formed a family, and that, even though it makes me happy to me because he is happy, I'm sad because I feel sometimes that we forget. He always tries to give us the best, but it is very sentimental ... if something goes wrong will mourn, so I never I have the courage to claim anything, I am very different from my sister, who has a strong character ... I just hang my head and accept things as they always say to me.
This year I will travel to Bariloche, and I'm happy, I want to, but my dad has to give me the money to take you there and buy things, and I have to talk to him, I hope you understand that this is something I really wish with all my heart, and not destroy me like my birthday 15 ...

Hopefully these holidays are the best, they are to remember. Despite the bad news I received a few days ago, the 2011 for me will be one of the best years, which I will leave the tears to fill it with smiles (:


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