Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chipped Tooth Sonic Care


good does not fit here too, almost a year, and frankly I like a little place to have this, so to speak, say what I think without qe qe the world cares about: P I'm glad, knowing nobody qe read this, makes it more interesting: Z, read my previous posts I was a little embarrassed but more laughter XD, you change a lot, and I remembered I had forgotten simple things qe completely qe weno hope of my life?, I dunno, I think someone normal .. I prefer living in the moment, so much passion if: sorry qe most notorious and some completely solidified, B, and sometimes it is better to leave qe (? as it were, really hard for me to express things I feel qe, qe so I can not unfold not even talking about my life here ajsajsja: Z qe is not a sin, or 8-) ajskajsak private things I do not know, lets leave it at qe only costs me: E but had wanted to write some of my days in these parts jaajsja, I have to tell qe qe I have of my hair discolored, it would initially qe * o * a green or blue, now I have platinum blonde jajajska, but just do not hate him xD I have received some compliments; Z SAAA sakjsaksj XD: $, really something for a moment I was, Paramore is in a month and a half more, and I'm seriously dying qe, 'll meet at last Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor, I know my love Qeri Josh and Zac can not open qe already left the band k9, but hey, what better qe esqe at least I will see them 3 and brother Taylor, Justin, and Josh Freese on drums: D, that guy is geniaaaal, media lottery to see it * o *, but hey I do not want to be a post qe paramore So we do change the subject.

I can not write in paragraphs you already know, but who makes a rule to 2.16 of the morning? I will do qe ajsakjsa want porqe am rude: Z, aah good has been a good start this year, I went out like a lot, there have been some weird stuff out there, but were settled yesterday: D So we do that has me happy other hand, I like talking with my friends jajsjs I load that word really, is as hollow but is the truth, despite a thousand things went qe I love them above all: D, porqe are every day of my life, this is qe Qeda at school, but today I am a person of 16 years: D and this is my life now, and I can enjoy everything qe, later I'll worry about other things. despite all dead qe I think my parents xdd qe, qe think I understand a little more?, I hope xd esqe but I'm not going to be different, I can not, I was born to be different, or be rebellious qisiera qe ajajasjs but -.- true (I feel weird noises: s).

today was a day melaconlico same, all I went to the movies, and I qede porqe'm Autistic: E ajsajsks, and I think punk porqe ajdkajdk Kel xddd wena xd yaya, I hate the feeling I get bipolar qe esqe jaksja but beyond me, I'm like this: W, and it feels wrong to be so 4646, but can nose qe do, So we do continue like this: E

talked much of anything really so I leave for today qe ...

ps. keka as I put all


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