Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pokemon Red Online That Can Be Saved


qe faster than I thought, maybe it porqe sdjakd I like being alone (? Aksdjkas autism: E, i know 88, I do not care: D today was a good day, a little facebook leseando and bla bla xD qe hate waking up and awake with a headache, I can not go to sleep before 4 am, omg I can not!, but that's not the problem: Z, Hey There Delilah I've had all day in my head since yesterday jjajsaj esqe is so good I do not know, always
shit: D I know I say porqe, jjajas esqe is true ... and that someone is always shit, I feel something weird xd qe nose explain, but in the end, and pueodo uu live with that ajska seriously k9, rare is the mutual feeling xD dlsaodal├▒kwlj xdd my hand hurts a little I will not write much xdd, I qedan the ultimmas outings with the kids, maybe go on Friday to a board of Tegan & Sara jajajsak there vere and then I qe come out on Tuesday and Friday to fantasyland, and goodbye to everyone, forever alone jajajaja: cy so for life, I hope the February 26 forward qe aunqe not want the time comes, I'm not ready psychologically ajskajs enserio: day that yes, I fell in love with Tim qe nana kajsdksd not so well, but still, he is very cool: Z and retail and all that jskdjakd XD if I go, I'll take a picture with him; $ ajskasj XD and that's my picture so far, qe nose qe Qeda happen in January and February xd.

ps. alone has been forever ... xd qe


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