Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Congratulation Cards Wording

Well when I came to school thinking I was going to publish. And it concludes to talk about What televison series of media attention has interfered in my life? If from my childhood to this very moment.

choro But that dizzying cast so I start.

still remember the first TV series I saw was "Saved the bell int (saved by the bell), but I started to watch this show?, Then simply because of my Aunt Vicky who was the one who looked. Now I found some of the managers about my obsession with the series. Another was Years wonderful if a monkey is telling his story from childhood to maturity (this saw for my father who never failed to see it).

My favorite alien Alf was also one of my first shows .

In elementary Karla had a friend named Eric fijense toadavia I remember her, well, she urged me to watch Charmed (Witches) and from there I contiunue to see the end.

saw many more series but then I get a doctor adult, half finished, sangrona, but at the same time I was captive, and this House think there began my hipermegadoracion the series, I obsessed with him and especially the relationship with Cameron, durente saw his first three seasons until I get a moment I sick. I'm sick character House, the plot of the series, new characters and then leave it.

But immediately I get the series to the one I've traumatized and excited, and so this is ta ta CSI Las Vegas almost religious worship this series, love and I must admit I still love, but above all I love her relationship with Grissom and Sara. Buy all seasons, among many forums and in English, one English and one in French. Fill my room images, also my compu.

CSI is the series that I have left more traces. But everything has a beginning and an end and it came. Grissom and Sara were in the series, came new out other more, changed a little plot, and because I do not like. Now at this very moment I'm trying to leave CSI And so now I see a little of everything. But there is no fixed set tnego. Hopefully continue so that the economic crisis right now allows me to spend much money. Hahahaha not created.


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