Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Homemade Horse Stalls


I think it's a little late but still I will write. The OSCAR 2009

had no major surprises as the Golden Globe from which they knew were going to the winners. But one must always start with the beginning so here it goes:

Hugh Jackman was the host gala, began talking about the economic crisis being experienced around the world so that they also why would I hit a cardboard scenery. Thing to me in particular what I like and that is supposed to be "the largest ceremony of the film." After that short speech followed with a musical reference to the nominated movies this is a clear imitation of another host such as Billy Crystal (by some the best).

What saved Hugh Jackman participation of the disaster was "unexpected" Anne Hathaway's ( Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada movie and Super Agent 86) that was the best. So

kicked off Walle winning prizes for best animated film and here I make mention of an event for the tabloid was the most expected, the meeting of Ms. Jennifer Aniston and "Tomb Raider" ( not mention his name, I must confess that I am a supporter of Aniston from Friends I have followed). For

which was garnering awards was Slumdog Millionaire (which then makes my criticism).

Penelope Cruz won as Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona (directed by Mr. Woody Allen).
Heath Ledger won Best Actor for The Dark Knight (the oscar more announced).

Now the 4 major awards:

Best Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire.
Best Actor: Sean Penn for Milk (here was my surprise that I was 100% sure winning Micky Rourke in The Wrestler).
Best Actress: Kate Winslet in The Reader (great actress and an Oscar was deserved after a total of 6 nominations but for my opinion should have been nominated for Revolutionary Road).
Best Movie: Slumdog Millionaire (chale and had me sick to appear in all nominations).

The funniest moments of the night:

1 .- Steve Martin and Tina Fey: For me I would have loved that they had been all morning presenters. Super fun. But since all or most conocerána Steve Martin (Father of the Bride, cheaper by the dozen, Pantera Rosa). Tina Fey, but maybe in Mexico is not well known but is a great comedian and writer, began on Saturday Night Live and depues
start in the series 30 Rock, but caused great impact on imitation Sarah Palin (Repulicana candidate for the Viceprecidencia).

2 .- Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black: Well as I mentioned before face to face with you know with whom. Besides the little jokes of Jack respect to Pixar and Dreamworks always where Pixar wins oscars.

3 .- Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman: Where Ben performed an imitation of Joaquin Phoenix when he went to present his movie with Letterman. With a large barbamdespeindado with gum in your mouth and all gone. Hahaha very funny.

Well this is a brief summary of what happened at the Oscars with a result where was the great Slumdog Millionaire winner, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The big loser (which was good inche hipermegalarga the movie and it also participated Brad Pittin).


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