Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leather Jacket In Family Man

As it was in the Messenger on when my friend George start a conversation n. We started talking about inconsequential things until I ask a question

"Hey I put on livejournal? "And knowing
(It is an egocentric by nature) responded to talk about it. Well

he met in the Uni we had several classes together so it was impossible not to talk to him. And so from that moment we were friends because I consider it one of my best friends.

aspects that distinguish George:

"It's a great friend
" A great confidant (he better lol)
"A good man

-Fun-self (I think you had to mentioned but I stress)
"Do not eat anything green any vegetable marrow
-Its diet consists mainly of meat

and a game between friends of the university decided that George was my father also have 4 sisters (Sweet, Gladys, The Twins), was a magical world until George got one of the most valuable things in my life nothing less than
"THE AMERICA" if that team that now does not give one, but I will remain faithful. Well, then broke the bond of father-daughter.

Now I'm just your ex-daughter, the liberated, rebellious, strange. And he's my ex-father and just George.

Well George I dedicated a few lines to talk about you. I hope you like it and because our friendship never ends.

George is what brings the lenses.


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