Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weed Leaf Nail Design

's random things and an "obsession" -.

No, not really want this to be another random thing, but it will do ... and no, there is an e-é meme is something designed by me (?)

1) ¡¡¡¡¡


Okay, I just ... you should see what was there to be! e_e It was a storm ... that is now gone, but ... was horrible, AA, I got scared and emotion at a time (?) The thunder and lightning ... ♥


Uff, DongHae ... SI

This guy can make me fall in love with him for anything ... and not because it's cute or sexy, or any other adjectives that can be attached to your nice person, but because it is so random, I beat myself and that is unjustifiable e_e (?)

The min 00:20 , without words xDDDD

Lee Donghae, I LOVE YOU Fangirl mode {on (?) } I just hope you remain so until 60 years have \u0026lt;3


Today is November 24, 2010, and we are 19 years of death the singer of one of the best international rock bands. You may not know anyone who spoke. Maybe if I mention "We Are The Champions " met him. Maybe not. I speak of

Queen, a group that tube musical completion point in '70 until their lead singer, Freddy Mercury , died at 45 years of age cause of their illness.

My " obsession" with Queen started ago about 2 years. It was my dad {birthday or Father's Day, can not remember XD} and bought a DVD of a band I heard he was young. I really struck the top of the DVD so we gave it as soon asked him to look at him.

were the songs of their concerts, the first I heard from them was "Bohemian Rhapsody " which I really love, the composition of the voices, interspersed as well, Freddy's voice pierces to the bone I and gives me goose bumps and is even heard a million times ... is an incredible feeling.

Of all my favorite songs began:

- "Bohemian Rhapsody "
- "Another One Bite The Dust "
-" Killer Queen "
-" Do not Stop Me Now "
-" Somebody To Love "
-" We Will Rock You "
-" We Are The Champions "
-" Your Spring Winds "

There are many more but those are the ones heard most often.

Freddy Mercury; Eras, and 're going to be the best international rock singer me:)
Without doubt, if given the chance you're still alive and still singing and performing with Queen, her breast pediríaa I take some cocierto yours ♥ {Although it is impossible, because then they would have over 80 years xdd}

and nah ~ I guess that's all ;
hopefully tomorrow I do well on the way ♥
to my f-list that read, thanks;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pain In Tummy With A Feeling Of Bowel Movement

may get a taste

not remember looking that thing in my room, I found a magazine " for teens "on the shelf of my sister and I started to read ...
When I enter that craving finished re-reading, do not read much because I have no time ...
Maybe now that the holidays start finish reading the books I wanted, as Pajama Party "," My plant orange-lime "and" Siberian dog eyes " ... I was told that they are very good, and I read recently, I hope that gives me time to do so. Besides I want to buy the Harry Potter books ♥ and if possible an occasional series:)

Ah ~ I come with a new meme removed from LJ [info] aquaabella {LOL} I

1. What time is it? 21:18

2. Full name: Florence Delias

3. Nickname or how you say about love: Corchito {and derivatives (? } {... derivatives anchovy (?)} xd

4. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: a single, and was a candle wax, we had forgotten to buy LOL

5. You were in love before? I guess.

6.'re In love (a) Yes:)

7. Your birthday is: September 22

8. Religion: Christian?

9. Drilling? No

10. Tattoos? None

11. I you drunk? Nop

12. You love someone so much as to mourn? Not if you love them, but cry a lot by a person who wanted if: /

13.'ve Been in a car crash? Sip

14. How you walk dress? LOL pajamas

15. 2 or 4 doors? I guess 4 (?)

16. Sprite or 7up? ♥

17. Diao night? Night \u0026lt;3

18. Coffee or tea? Coffee \u0026lt;3

19. Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream \u0026lt;3

20. Linen plain or with animals? Although animals now use {} smooth

21. Number of shoes: 37/38

22. Song one you have arrived? Ugh, there are many, but heard a lot lately "oscarsito" grandfather pads for

23 · Waiting for you kiss: if it is part of the body (?) I suppose lips and if a specific location ... it might be in my house (?)

24. song you're listening to right now? 4 minutes - Muzik

25. Flower: Cherry Blossom Sakura} {

26. Favorite alcoholic beverage? Beer

. 27 Favorite Sport? Volleyball

28. Favorite animal? Cat

. 29 favorite characters from the Simpsons? Homer

30. Televisa or TV Azteca? I have none of those channels, so none xd

31. Last time you visited a hospital? I think it was about 2 years ago

32. Predominant color in your bedroom? Green?

33. Carro ideal? Renault Scenic

34. Topic of conversation most detested: Music

35. ... The soft drink with or without ice? Depends on

36. Mafalda or Charlie Brown? Mafalda \u0026lt;3

37. Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney

38. Evanescence and Korn? Evanescense

39. What is your greatest fear? Darkness

40. Place you'd like to visit? Korea \u0026lt;3

41. I would like to marry? Not exactly

42. What zodiac sign are you? Gallo

43. What you do before you sleep? Play music & think -.

44. Favorite toy? wtf? I guess the table

45. What color is the carpet or floor of your bedroom? XD I have no

46. As calls to your teddy bear sleeping? Juan

47. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I guess studying or working in psychology:)

48 · Which of your friends live farther away? Mexico, I have many friends there

49. The best: K-pop Super Junior} {

50. Pets? Tom} {dog, a cat {Tony}

51. How many rings before you answer the phone? Two

. 52 Favorite Video: All Super Junior

. 53 Favorite CD: Do not listen to CD's

54. Favorite song? All SJ

55 · The first thought in the morning when you wake up: In if it's a good day

56. ... I like storms or scare you? I love \u0026lt;3

57. If you could be someone else ... who would you be? I would not want to be someone else

58. Something you have and do not always put it off? My socks \u0026lt;3

59. What's in the walls of your room? A mirror, a poster that will draw and soon will put new poster SJ

60. What would you tell someone and do not you dare? I Love You Friend:)

61. Craziest person you know? Ugh, if I write it makes me too long ... but most are crazy like me XD

62. Qualify as a few of your friends? Sip ♥

63. Favorite colors? Black, white, blue, gray, green, red

64. More say Words: babo! Fox (?)

65. Favorite Food: From all \u0026lt;3

66. What are you looking for your ideal partner? Comprensvo & tender

67. That first view of him (her)? His personality

68. Prefer free dating or relationships? Foreign free

69. What is life for you? A gift

70 • Someone has failed you? If you did not remember

71. If you could be an animal what would you be? Jack (?)

72. What music do you like? all

73 • Water ... what flavor? (?)

74. Saddest moment of your life: When people I love most will

75. Kiss or something else? kiss

76. You have an angel? Si:)

77. What you do in your spare time? L be in compu, listening to music, memes, being in HATO, reading, etc..

78. Collect anything? Nop

79. What phobias do you have? Not if you could say phobia, but I have fear of the dark: / not so much to sleep with the light on ... it is strange xD

80. What think of death? That is something that came at any time

81. You like a friend (a) yours? If

82. Time it takes to fix: Depends XD

83. What season do you like ma s? Autumn \u0026lt;3

84. At what place would you go on vacation? A U.S.

85. Would you go to live in another country? If

86. Left or right? Right

87. Cool Heat? Frio

88. Letter or email? Charter

89 · The person you're missing: Too

90. What makes you good? Super Junior and my friends

91. Favorite Cartoon: All Disney LOL

92. Cat or dog? Cat

93. Football Team: River

94. What bothers you most people? The hypocrisy

95. Favorite board game? Club

96. The worst feeling in the world: Racism

97. The best feeling in the world: Friendship / Love

98. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

99. A pillow or two? A

100. Sleep with stuffed animals? Yep \u0026lt;3

101. If could dye your hair any color ... what would it be? Medo crazy, but I like white teñirmelo but will not do it ... LOL

102. What is your favorite number? 86

103. Favorite fruit: Tangerine / Strawberry

104. What do you hate? Work xd

105. What would if you earn a million dollars? The needy donaríaa

106. You have a boyfriend (a)? Nop

107. What was the last movie you saw and where? "16 wishes" here at home, recently xd

108. You call your mother? Xdd Umma

109. You have been serenaded? not

110.'re Right or left handed? right

111. Favorite day of the week? Friday

112. What do you do if someone wants to spend with your fiancé (e)? No idea, never go through that situation, depends xd

. 113 favorite salad dressing: Mayonnaise

114. You do not like eating? Some vegetables

115. Have you ever swam naked? I suppose if, when I was younger

116. What time is it? 22:00

Well, tomorrow I have yah ~ chemical testing, final ... I just hope I do well ♥

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can I Wear My Grandfathers Freemason Ring

SS2, tears, laughter and many feelings

Yay! ~ 2 estubo super incredible show, for many things

The performances every time they advanced were better, and dying with every VCR
was so I did not feel well, lively and eager to smile ... because even though I cried in parts, and sometimes seemed an unfortunate cupcake-I kept looking around with a smile on my lips. It hurt a little the tears, because I really miss seeing at 12 together ... I say 12 because KiBum was not there, but I miss him too. When she cried, the following always made me smile, laugh-cry-on the inside like crazy.

They have incredible power, do not know, do not know you exist, only you're a "fan" more, but still ... you want them, love them for who they are not to be famous because they believe that, do you cry when you cry and laugh when descotillan of laughter ... really could not describe in words what I feel for Super Junior.

I opened many doors, I did believe in many things and move on nonetheless. I did mourn and laugh until my eyes hurt so many tears and much laughter belly ...

Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun ... my 13 stars ... I davia to hope that I have to get back together ...

If you have not seen the SSII there will be no cut, because they tell you everything that happened in the show detail ... Well, try e_e but as I said ... These warned! o_O

Okay, now if I desahogare like never in my life
1) First of all, came the introduction, as always ... LOL was exaggerated, it's like a meteorite and they fell out of it .. I do not remember that part because I saw a few days ago

xDDDD 2) started singing "A man in love remix", "U " " It's You "and then" She Wants It "
Phew ~ I say that in those moments, being in almost summer, without any ventilation in a closed room, and those kids moving as they did ... is not rewarding. _. especially since I could not scream because she was late and the neighbors would think if someone had entered my house and I was trying to steal the computer, if ... did not try anything against me, my beautiful imagination, if not the queríaa it LOL ... the fact is that these guys every day they get more good e-é .. Donghae and Eunhyuk ... EunHyuk ... Phew-wheel everywhere, "It's incredible as a Korean can be so good!
3) Then came the presentation of each member, which died with all the "baby steps" they did.
first appeared HeeChul , which by the way babee wrong with the ... was so nice there, seemed much younger ♥ ... Then came
Siwon would not know how to describe the pace and know not describe the scream-by inside- when it hits Donghae started to scrub the back excessively when you step in front of him, only to pluck some yelling this, that holy saint, not even my nail e_e-
KyuHyun Then came this man could not move before madafack e_e is that dance was like watching Piñon Fijo the ChuChu-Hua ... osea, me mee of laughter wrong with the ... when he said "I KyuHyun" came the cry fangirlero ~
YeSung with "popping" or good, it seemed, typical bad guy walk (?) but it was incredible * AAAA * I love the creativity of this man Ah ~ ~
with Ryeowook was hell, they put a song Ghei and hips moving left while saying "Ryeowook" sweetly ... no shame this guy \u0026lt;3
♥ Danhobak SungMin then I started to scream "cute, cute!" and then my jaw dropped because of soft on the show has nothing the boy appeared
e_e Hankyung and got sentimental, A; Chinese volveeeeeee! >____> In short, made a few steps strangers moved what god consevio to be a man ... and yah ~
Then came EunHyuk and I went rolling everywhere ... especially when dry with a towel seximente everywhere and after the shot ... the girl who grabbed it should now be saying "ah EunHyuk-dry with this towel the sweat in the SS2" if LOL nice memory that
Aghsafhgsdghd, KangInooooooo ~ * AAA * was amazing ... but because dancing and threw the bottle of water all over my body \u0026lt;3 toromacho no longer wait to come back and appeared
~ Donghae -wheel-cositaaa, every day I fall over him , and I can not ~ ~> 3 \u0026lt;really ... Koreans are the lucky ones, but those that are in front of the stage, he kissed the hand of one, AAAA, and died on the inside with that, my head pounded with the keyboard not being born there - w-
ShinDong always makes me laugh, and it was not XD here ecepcion danced so rare that killed me xddd
And finally appeared LeeTeuk in the wings fallen angel, he danced so funny xd moving the hip (8) and there was time kangTeuk ;> ooooooo \u0026lt;well, actually I saw it, Kangin did not detract the view of the leader traserito kukuku ~

4) longer term for the presentation and sang "Angela " "Miracle " Disc Drive "and" Dancing Out "
In "Miracle " could not help not being moved by that song, I always cry when I hear ♥
Y "Angela " I like it a lot lately, that song is really pretty:) At one point SiHa but I separate EunHyuk, thingy \u0026lt;3 after he tried to lift his shirt to KyuHyun but not leave e_e

5) The VCR came No. 1, but not at all understood that it was, but it was an introduction to one's for the kids

6) Pirmero came only SungMin that song "Baby Baby , and let me boba boba (?) had never seen him sing well ... really has a great capacity for song, made my hair stand on end
Then came HeeChul with " Spirit" and then appeared playing guitar Jungmo of TRAX and Heechul began to approach the boy and I was "do not come near him, do not violate them, NOT VIOLEEEES" really ... XD did not but it sat on the escarelilla that rises from the floor to the stage, where were the fans and grabbed the hand of a girl and started to sing, then kiss her hand and finished the song ... Lucky> _>
Then came the only Donghae, " Beautiful" that was added after EunHyuk, and my hormones were alteradisimas, because I jump in the chair LOL is that good ... dance can not put these two together, you create a sea of slime: L a moment, grabbed the camera DongHae a girl, apparently recorded, and recorded the singing and the fans too, and when I was about to end I leave it to another fan ... o_O I stayed because if the lady of the chamber would be happy and sad at the same time, I mean ... "Chabon is my camera!" LOL but really, really beautiful ♥ estubo
YeSung's solo me soaked to the bone ... can not have such an incredible voice, when all the girls appeared and shouted, God ♥ really happy and smile almost makes me grab the geisha and cry, AAA, man, if I had to embrace him so next to me would not let it breathe \u0026lt;3
MADAFACKA PLEASURES OF STRANGERS IN THE NAME OF GOD O____O (?) nonono, is that the only Ryeowook and let me ... What happened to the world? Ryeowook Why? DDD: I expected any less from you! I knew that I hang out with these guys going to do evil, AAAA, & not at all sarcastic my shockeamiento, is ... appeared that ... everything nice singing Insomnia "and I all excited * AA *... until I ... that ... e.é lady that I take the virginiridad of her lovely hands ... hgsgdfasdggsdg I remember it and I feel like dying, AAAA, nonono, as it resfregaba and give you bumble! ... really bad let me xDDDD
Then came the only KyuHyun " 7 Years Of Love ", his beautiful voice ... I can truly, ♥ great song so I can not say much of this XD

7) Then came KRY singing "What If " with SungMin & " Heartquake " with EunHyuk and I was that * AAAAAAA * ♥ I love

8) returned the single's ... This time LeeTeuk singing "Honey " and I was like crazy because conosco song, and do not know where LOL Finally
Kangin singing the songs of DJ Doc; With the first song just dance DOC & I as a Gheit also singing, I love the songs on it ... and after singing "Run To You " appeared Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae, Leeteuk and ran when it came to singing XD was hilarious, but I Ghei all excited over the song * AAAA * And then Kangin broke his shirt and I *¬¬¬¬¬* INCRE-Í-BLE!

9) On 2 VCR, under the auspices of Siwon, Leeteuk , Donghae, Hankyung and YeSung as bullies Super Junior (?) that started the long awaited fight then flew with "Do not Don " as always ... "Do not Don " and " Twins' best performances ♥
Although ... in "Do not Don " I got the depression ... Why? ... HenRy ... When he started to play all the fans shouting something ... And I was with the very curious to know if it was something like "Only 13" or that shit ... and although he did not know if that was still depressed me a lot ... not ... I could not enjoy what was left of the song, nor the "Twins " until VCR came the other

The VCR's "Our Love " was really beautiful, because they spent over the past Super Junior, a little, but the music was amazing ♥

11) Wine Our Love "was actually doing tender ♥ EunHyuk is beautiful, really ... he did come back to smile, when each member sang the fans were saying s arangheo & the member's name, and when I sing EunHyuk , by himself said "Lee HyukJae Sarangheo " swear words that just made me laugh and could continue to reside in one of the concert ♥
At one point EunMin really was very funny because SungMin xdd was sitting next to EunHyuk and when he sang SungMin , EunHyuk wanted him to hug and Minnie to like I was angry, then EunHyuk gave him a kiss on the cheek and put SungMin ugly face LOL

There was also

moments ♥ EunHae & KangTeuk LeeTeuk also forgot to sing her tender hand and laid face \u0026lt;3 was super love. Hahaha YeSung was sitting next to Donghae and when you get up EunHyuk had him take my place, sitting beside Donghae \u0026lt;3 was so tender
And must finish a song, with funny EunHyuk & ShinDong \u0026lt;3 is love them both!

12) Then came " Puff the Magic Dragon" sung by the sweet voice of maknae KyuHyun , KangIn was Dragon, ShinDong the baby, the dragon LOL always cared for the baby appeared to disturb the animals they wanted to drink, then the dragon-used methods to remove them all pleasant-xd
First came the fly
Siwon Kangin and chased him with a smelly "poof " xdd. Then came the mosquito YeSung , and Kang- dragon chases him away with a nice burp . After the ant ... if it was not EunHyuk or DongHae lol, good order, the ant EunHae (?) was driven away by the dandruff dragon, lice or not , is well XD. Also snake appeared Ryeowook, who was removed with a pump . Then came the spider Heechul and Hankyung bat, and after fighting for a while with both long they KangIn their smelly armpit stench of LOL and so on. .. then catch the dragon, and frees the baby starts to copy everything she did before to chase Leeteuk & Donghae . And there it ends: 3

13) Then comes " Who I Am "sung by Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Kangin, Sungmin and Leeteuk.

14) appeared SJ-M singing 'At Least I Still "and then" Me ", both in Korean version .

The VCR No. 3 appeared, and with it my tears. I could not stop mourn, even though I knew nothing about what they said ... but when you hear saying " sarangheo " and "ELF " I could not mourn ...
and appeared singing "Shining Star " which, to summarize, is like "Marry U " first Super Show ... also started saying " ELF, ELF " across the screen and it was really beautiful ♥ Aish, I could not not want to see him again, and here I am, with tearful eyes, A; stupid! really ... I hate them for making me mourn both-w-

16) After many tears came the VCR 4, which appeared the boys of Super Junior Trot. Sang " Super Man" and " Rokkugo! "It was really fun ♥

17) VCR" Answer Sorry Sorry "and then sang" Sorry Sorry Remix "

18) The climax .. . The geisha of the night ... Then came the VCR to "Gee" and then began to sing ... MADAFACK, these guys are more I e_e feminine is that ahsdgsafhsgd, KyuHyun and hair, it seemed every girl \u0026lt;3 I love, but love is what xddd I can not explain in words the feeling of GMOs xddd but when they appeared and Kangin sang the " Aja, Listen Boy, My First Love Story " was EPIK!-wheel-

19) " Sunny" and "Pajama Party " le followed, with all the guys singing, I LOVE those two songs \u0026lt;3 was like when they sang the DJ DOC
20) Almost is almost over ... They kept singing "Carnival " "Saphire Blue ", "Marry U " and "Wonder Boy "
In "Marry U " weep something As always xdd and said "sarangheo" When I was LOL because I felt so Ghei-__-but they are to blame ~
Then came the " ending" or farewell ; greeted in all platforms and said many things ... understood not as obvious but was excited xD ...

I forgot to say a few things for sure, but was last night, I forget
xDDD I really appreciate very much Super Junior because this is what I gives many sensations, gave me a new world to know, I opened my eyes to many things, I did meet people who appreciate with all my heart now, and countless things ..
Sincerely, Super Junior ... even though we are far apart, I will remain your FAN a more ♥ ELF

Well, I download ... ALL it could not comment last night because I did not xD
Those who killed reading this, thanks:) I can not vent when I write, but never will leave me some fanfic good about it (?)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are There Detachable Wheels For Backpacks

and memes invade the world ... New

and I trauma with memes, because, not ... I take a little leisure time I have 8D and amuse me, yay!
I'll search some more out there, if they can recommend

* AAA * Remove a lot of lj of [info] aquaabella , although she does not know, but I give the credits
♥ They are all tagged them to do so, * A * but that if ...

IMPORTANT: Fully PROHIBITED read the memo before you write 12 names on a paper of our artists / characters / fandom 's / etc favorite, it would lose the mystery that involves discovering the truth (?) NO A TRAPS not to spam (?)

Instructions: Write 12 of your characters (if you're strictly a fan of anime) / favorite celebrities. Enumerates the list. Now, you click the cut for some random questions (do not see the questions prior to the list because it would ruin)

My list {}

1 - EunHyuk

2 - Donghae

3 - YeSung

4 - Sungmin

5 - Kyuhyun

6 - Kangin

7 - Taemin

8 - DongHo

9 - Key / Kim KiBum

10 - KiSeop

11 - SungJong

12 - WooHyun


1. Have you read a fic of 6 / 11? Would you read it? {Kangin / Sungjong}

No, I do not think there is that remote nisiqueira couple in this cruel reality, & not know if I would read that ... LOL I feel sungjong is too adorable to Kangin, but not ... KangMin would be like a sweet, but if it appears before me this opportunity, I think I read xd

2. Do you think 4 is hot? How much? } {Sungmin Sexy

... it is, but I see more adorable, is that why I love minnie, so I started to look for that reason it is so adorable do not forget to look at it spellbound, or you want to hug ♥ but I can not deny that it is also sexy-thumbs up-

3. What if a pregnant 12 8? {Woohyun / Dongho}

First ... a pregnant man? LOL this is wrong e-e (?) DongHo Second ... OMG !!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡ Nononono, my baby NOOOOO, AAAA, (?) Although it would happen in an alternate reality to our own, but noo, I can not be e_e WooHyun impregnate Hoya! -The kick by local

4 . Can you recall a fic about 9? {Key / Kim Kibum}
Well ... almost never read fics that is not Super Junior, but only read a fic JongKey in my life until I have it saved (it passed me by msn, stating e_e ( ?)), and I liked it, but never looked something like-traumatized (?) -

5. Would you do 2 and 6 a good couple? {Donghae / Kangin}

. _. I think not. First I never saw it that way XD, did not see that someone has seen that way (?) Do not know if it would make a good couple or not, but for my taste XD would not

6. "5 / 9 or 5 / 10? Why? {Kyuhyun / Key or Kyuhyun / Kiseop}

KyuHyun / Kiseop; It reminds me KyuMin point 8D (?) Okay, no, is that KiSeop is too cute and reminds me ♥ to Sungmin, not because LOL but taking the fantasy to see the sexy KyuHyun Key, I think I prefer to see something lovely as KyuHyun & Kiseop-know, who understands me xD-

7. What would happen if 7 is 2 and 12 having sex? {Taemin - Donghae / Woohyun}

Tae I do not run your eyes & cry like fangirl * AAA *

In my expression of how I see Tae talking about sex, I think

a) faint

b) runs

c) joins and meets my fancy (?)

Although I have more faith in the a), which is much more likely, perhaps also blushes and starts to laugh or tape face as she shamefully Tae, I so love you ♥

8. Make a summary for a fic of 3 / 9 {Yesung / Key}

"They say that Super Junior & SHINee take pretty good, but not only because both groups of the same company ... YeSung and Key you can AFIM "

" lol?

9. Is there a "fluff" between 1 / 8? {Eunhyuk / Dongho}

I know that if there was this couple (and if canon) which would be more fluff, dose of sweetness and diabetes sessions, is they are both beautiful things ( Eunhyuk pulling aside that is a machine to produce large liters of slime, altered hormones, and much much cry fangirleo)

10. Suggest a title for a fic pain / comfort of 7 / 12 {Taemin / Woohyun}

Ya, here is me standing, because I killed a lot of time thinking about thinking about a cursed fic title, because I am sooo bad for them e_e

Mirror ... no, I was just listening to that song & it occurred to me yay

11. What kind of plot that would use if you wanted 4 to deflower 1? {Sungmin / Eunhyuk}

deflowering "Sungmin Eunhyuk? "Sungmin Eunhyuk remain passive and active? "LOL? Ah, I think I pee with laughter Voya .____.

"Eunhyuk, show me some dance steps at night (?) "WTF!? XDDDD I die

12. Does anyone in your f-list read 7 slash? Taemin} {

not, but I guess if

LOL 13. Does anyone in your f-list read 3-hetero? Yesung} {

can not ensure that
14. Does anyone in your f-list write / draw of 11? SungJong} {

not believe it, someone here (besides you unnie e_e) meets Infinite? LOL

15. Does anyone in your f-list write 2/4/5? {Donghae / Sungmin / Kyuhyun}

No idea, but we want to do it would be willing to read this amorphous thing to do * A *

16. What scream 10 at the time of passion? Kiseop} {

would cry at the moment of passion? LOL Maybe putearia would have to order because after all, say for your blood type (?) Okay, maybe I callus-w-

17. If you wrote a songfic about 8, what song would you use? Dongho} {

Milk Caramel, Ghei was so when I sing that song to me life thus under
18. 01/06/1912 If you wrote a fic, what would the warnings? {Eunhyuk / Kangin / Woohyun}

"Not for people with heart or under 20 (?)"

really, what if three of them were in a locked room? I do not imagine it-baba-

19. What would be a good pick up line for 2 use with 10? {Donghae / Kiseop}

If I only knew that it is "pick up line" LOL when I know, the editare e_e

20. When was the last time you read a fic of 5? Kyuhyun} {

Umm, I can not remember, I think the last thing I read was a fiction KyuHyuk kyuhyunnie, so imagine how volo imagination * A *

21. What is the super secret perversion of 6? Kangin} {

LOL "? I can think of so many, I know you want to do more things forbidden to the leader-jojojo-Kangin's mind after returning from the army full of men ... I know it will not be healthy ~

22. "11 lie with 9? "Sober or drunk? { Sungjong / Key}

I think drunk bueh, if key forces him to drink because this guy LOL is more shy than the pigeons e_e

23. If 3 and 7 are together, who is seme? { Yesung / Taemin}

must answer e-é Yesung by "various / obvious" reasons;

24. How would you feel if 7 / 8 was canon? Taemin {/} Dongho


canon? Loool me ~ my two makno mueroooo fee would be so * A * though to be the seme would have to think the two are too adorable, but I think he wins DongHo manhood (?) to Taemin, I think e_e

25. 1 and 9 have a happy relationship until 9 runs off with 4. 1, broken, spends a wild night with 11, and a brief unhappy affair with 12. Then follows the wise advice of 5 and finds his true love in 3.

EunHyuk and Key have a happy relationship until Key flees with Sungmin. Eunhyuk, shredded, spends a wild night with Sungjong, and a brief unhappy affair with Woohyun. Then, follow the advice of Kyuhyun and finds his true love Yesung.

That final amorphous .___. LOL first Eunhyuk and Key "in a happy relationship? Eunhyuk ♥ Sungjong die with a wild night and then Woohyun, but that's affair, but no matter sepsis and ♥ is cute! Follow the advice of Kyuhyun? x''ddddd mueeeeroo! And the final kill me xddd YeHyuk RLZ ♥ (?)

25th. What title would you give this fic?

"Amorfo cubed" (?)

26. Name three people on your f-list that could read, and a person who should write it.

No, I know nobody will read xdd because I did not write or pay me LOL because

and animaríaa write ... someone write that thing?


& yah, for putting this cute its great and cost me TOO-é DDD:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Masterbation For Womean

I come from here [info] kaiichou
And there's lots still not to do in the LJ, I'm no good English & for that reason ~
As e-é change some things LOL, but I hope to learn ♥
make good friends, and have a better use of LJ , that the other had left half abandoned, by the mere reason of not knowing what to post LOL
But you'll find a use: D