Monday, November 22, 2010

Pain In Tummy With A Feeling Of Bowel Movement

may get a taste

not remember looking that thing in my room, I found a magazine " for teens "on the shelf of my sister and I started to read ...
When I enter that craving finished re-reading, do not read much because I have no time ...
Maybe now that the holidays start finish reading the books I wanted, as Pajama Party "," My plant orange-lime "and" Siberian dog eyes " ... I was told that they are very good, and I read recently, I hope that gives me time to do so. Besides I want to buy the Harry Potter books ♥ and if possible an occasional series:)

Ah ~ I come with a new meme removed from LJ [info] aquaabella {LOL} I

1. What time is it? 21:18

2. Full name: Florence Delias

3. Nickname or how you say about love: Corchito {and derivatives (? } {... derivatives anchovy (?)} xd

4. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: a single, and was a candle wax, we had forgotten to buy LOL

5. You were in love before? I guess.

6.'re In love (a) Yes:)

7. Your birthday is: September 22

8. Religion: Christian?

9. Drilling? No

10. Tattoos? None

11. I you drunk? Nop

12. You love someone so much as to mourn? Not if you love them, but cry a lot by a person who wanted if: /

13.'ve Been in a car crash? Sip

14. How you walk dress? LOL pajamas

15. 2 or 4 doors? I guess 4 (?)

16. Sprite or 7up? ♥

17. Diao night? Night \u0026lt;3

18. Coffee or tea? Coffee \u0026lt;3

19. Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream \u0026lt;3

20. Linen plain or with animals? Although animals now use {} smooth

21. Number of shoes: 37/38

22. Song one you have arrived? Ugh, there are many, but heard a lot lately "oscarsito" grandfather pads for

23 · Waiting for you kiss: if it is part of the body (?) I suppose lips and if a specific location ... it might be in my house (?)

24. song you're listening to right now? 4 minutes - Muzik

25. Flower: Cherry Blossom Sakura} {

26. Favorite alcoholic beverage? Beer

. 27 Favorite Sport? Volleyball

28. Favorite animal? Cat

. 29 favorite characters from the Simpsons? Homer

30. Televisa or TV Azteca? I have none of those channels, so none xd

31. Last time you visited a hospital? I think it was about 2 years ago

32. Predominant color in your bedroom? Green?

33. Carro ideal? Renault Scenic

34. Topic of conversation most detested: Music

35. ... The soft drink with or without ice? Depends on

36. Mafalda or Charlie Brown? Mafalda \u0026lt;3

37. Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney

38. Evanescence and Korn? Evanescense

39. What is your greatest fear? Darkness

40. Place you'd like to visit? Korea \u0026lt;3

41. I would like to marry? Not exactly

42. What zodiac sign are you? Gallo

43. What you do before you sleep? Play music & think -.

44. Favorite toy? wtf? I guess the table

45. What color is the carpet or floor of your bedroom? XD I have no

46. As calls to your teddy bear sleeping? Juan

47. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I guess studying or working in psychology:)

48 · Which of your friends live farther away? Mexico, I have many friends there

49. The best: K-pop Super Junior} {

50. Pets? Tom} {dog, a cat {Tony}

51. How many rings before you answer the phone? Two

. 52 Favorite Video: All Super Junior

. 53 Favorite CD: Do not listen to CD's

54. Favorite song? All SJ

55 · The first thought in the morning when you wake up: In if it's a good day

56. ... I like storms or scare you? I love \u0026lt;3

57. If you could be someone else ... who would you be? I would not want to be someone else

58. Something you have and do not always put it off? My socks \u0026lt;3

59. What's in the walls of your room? A mirror, a poster that will draw and soon will put new poster SJ

60. What would you tell someone and do not you dare? I Love You Friend:)

61. Craziest person you know? Ugh, if I write it makes me too long ... but most are crazy like me XD

62. Qualify as a few of your friends? Sip ♥

63. Favorite colors? Black, white, blue, gray, green, red

64. More say Words: babo! Fox (?)

65. Favorite Food: From all \u0026lt;3

66. What are you looking for your ideal partner? Comprensvo & tender

67. That first view of him (her)? His personality

68. Prefer free dating or relationships? Foreign free

69. What is life for you? A gift

70 • Someone has failed you? If you did not remember

71. If you could be an animal what would you be? Jack (?)

72. What music do you like? all

73 • Water ... what flavor? (?)

74. Saddest moment of your life: When people I love most will

75. Kiss or something else? kiss

76. You have an angel? Si:)

77. What you do in your spare time? L be in compu, listening to music, memes, being in HATO, reading, etc..

78. Collect anything? Nop

79. What phobias do you have? Not if you could say phobia, but I have fear of the dark: / not so much to sleep with the light on ... it is strange xD

80. What think of death? That is something that came at any time

81. You like a friend (a) yours? If

82. Time it takes to fix: Depends XD

83. What season do you like ma s? Autumn \u0026lt;3

84. At what place would you go on vacation? A U.S.

85. Would you go to live in another country? If

86. Left or right? Right

87. Cool Heat? Frio

88. Letter or email? Charter

89 · The person you're missing: Too

90. What makes you good? Super Junior and my friends

91. Favorite Cartoon: All Disney LOL

92. Cat or dog? Cat

93. Football Team: River

94. What bothers you most people? The hypocrisy

95. Favorite board game? Club

96. The worst feeling in the world: Racism

97. The best feeling in the world: Friendship / Love

98. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

99. A pillow or two? A

100. Sleep with stuffed animals? Yep \u0026lt;3

101. If could dye your hair any color ... what would it be? Medo crazy, but I like white teñirmelo but will not do it ... LOL

102. What is your favorite number? 86

103. Favorite fruit: Tangerine / Strawberry

104. What do you hate? Work xd

105. What would if you earn a million dollars? The needy donaríaa

106. You have a boyfriend (a)? Nop

107. What was the last movie you saw and where? "16 wishes" here at home, recently xd

108. You call your mother? Xdd Umma

109. You have been serenaded? not

110.'re Right or left handed? right

111. Favorite day of the week? Friday

112. What do you do if someone wants to spend with your fiancé (e)? No idea, never go through that situation, depends xd

. 113 favorite salad dressing: Mayonnaise

114. You do not like eating? Some vegetables

115. Have you ever swam naked? I suppose if, when I was younger

116. What time is it? 22:00

Well, tomorrow I have yah ~ chemical testing, final ... I just hope I do well ♥


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