Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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's random things and an "obsession" -.

No, not really want this to be another random thing, but it will do ... and no, there is an e-é meme is something designed by me (?)

1) ¡¡¡¡¡


Okay, I just ... you should see what was there to be! e_e It was a storm ... that is now gone, but ... was horrible, AA, I got scared and emotion at a time (?) The thunder and lightning ... ♥


Uff, DongHae ... SI

This guy can make me fall in love with him for anything ... and not because it's cute or sexy, or any other adjectives that can be attached to your nice person, but because it is so random, I beat myself and that is unjustifiable e_e (?)

The min 00:20 , without words xDDDD

Lee Donghae, I LOVE YOU Fangirl mode {on (?) } I just hope you remain so until 60 years have \u0026lt;3


Today is November 24, 2010, and we are 19 years of death the singer of one of the best international rock bands. You may not know anyone who spoke. Maybe if I mention "We Are The Champions " met him. Maybe not. I speak of

Queen, a group that tube musical completion point in '70 until their lead singer, Freddy Mercury , died at 45 years of age cause of their illness.

My " obsession" with Queen started ago about 2 years. It was my dad {birthday or Father's Day, can not remember XD} and bought a DVD of a band I heard he was young. I really struck the top of the DVD so we gave it as soon asked him to look at him.

were the songs of their concerts, the first I heard from them was "Bohemian Rhapsody " which I really love, the composition of the voices, interspersed as well, Freddy's voice pierces to the bone I and gives me goose bumps and is even heard a million times ... is an incredible feeling.

Of all my favorite songs began:

- "Bohemian Rhapsody "
- "Another One Bite The Dust "
-" Killer Queen "
-" Do not Stop Me Now "
-" Somebody To Love "
-" We Will Rock You "
-" We Are The Champions "
-" Your Spring Winds "

There are many more but those are the ones heard most often.

Freddy Mercury; Eras, and 're going to be the best international rock singer me:)
Without doubt, if given the chance you're still alive and still singing and performing with Queen, her breast pediríaa I take some cocierto yours ♥ {Although it is impossible, because then they would have over 80 years xdd}

and nah ~ I guess that's all ;
hopefully tomorrow I do well on the way ♥
to my f-list that read, thanks;)


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