Friday, April 15, 2005

Nursery Decoration Rainforest

The lesson I'm tired!!

Well, once again informed them of my problems in school, oh! I'm so sorry !!!!!!!!!!. Well
miss a few days Grissel History told us he would do a part of one thing liberals and conservatives and Santa Anna, always aplastic this test to a mere hour.
Then we said then we see if they agreed to fix the date of the review to force the next day had to hacernos.Al said out of nowhere - have your test tomorrow, and nothing most, however, before we had an exercise book, rather it was a questionnaire that we had to study for the test and obviously had to give this notebook. Morning
returned with piles of notebooks, piles and piles of them, some were from other classrooms, some were ours, but missing, maybe it was.
One day before the test, I thought that maybe each day add up to ask my notebook to study, went to a room where he was a teacher and I evisa the matter, she answered me back my notebook at a time.
I waited and waited (in my room from course) as he received more bad news for English work, until he escaped my mind this history notebook, I was not even remember me.

By getting on the car, but I remembered too late, I shuddered and turned pale, do not know what to do, I was too scared. Perhaps
say "partial review what's so bad?" It is serious because it depended on my waiver of matter had to get at least 9 to exempt the final exam.

Some time later I was angry too with the teacher because he never returned my notebook to study, shouting, cursing and mumbling nonsense against him, I was sure it was your fault, more the thought of a solution came to mind: what if I told you I did the test on Tuesday?, what I say it? "Convince her? I tried to imagine myself saying Miss

-esque excuse me but did not receive my book "I can take the exam on Tuesday?

first thing I thought their response would be something like:

- "You're crazy!? was your fault, not mine, you're the irresponsible NOT ME.
Also why not study the book? or because you came to pick it up at the last minute?.

I do not know what to think, I was confused now, would my fault? or was it that of the teacher? Or we both had some guilt?.
not study the book, because as I said before, the issue faded badly in my head as I was busy with other matters, and forgot to put it in my backpack, I thought "this notebook nesecitan!, In nesecitan true that! "
terrible pass that night thinking about all the things he or she would respond to me, I did not sleep very well.
morning came, dragging the major issues of my head, yes, no response.
On reaching the hall, a terrible ad I get to my ears "Hey, here's your notebook history, I left a girl in your bank but you were gone. "
Finally the examination was conducted ruthless, cruel questions were impossible to answer me, however I wanted and excavate in my mind to find an answer could it: NOTHING, was the only thing.
Silence was present in the room while my head was on a terrible revolution, a battle which did not come out victorious.
The retired teacher cruel review, with a smile triumph, or perhaps without knowing anything about what happened this day.
Truly I say, if not do an exam fine, never risk their qualification for a partial exam as I did stupid I therefore believe me I paid dearly and will feel very bad as I am now


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