Saturday, April 30, 2005

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friendship, for me


know what, there are things in life that one learns as it grows, to walk, talk, etc, but also learn a lot of people.
One becomes suspicious because People are very unpredictable, sometimes you can be kind, caring and loving, but also can be cruel to an irresponsible and unfriendly, ungrateful and wicked. The worst thing is that you do not know from the outset who is well, that is why as adults are suspicious of everything.
Friendship for example, 100% of my experiences have this structure:
At first when I meet someone is friendly and attentive, despite their "minimum" errors are not discovered, you do favors for you invite their homes, help you much time passes and become less friendly with you, their defects are becoming more and more noticeable as it passes around, and change, they become like other people and all time are on the defensive, you fight and you finally turn their face like you've never had known, I almost always goes something like this.
I know very few people who have had a truly lasting friendship, and are actually very few people.
Now to me the same thing happened again, I have a definition for what would be the friendship for me is friendship to me is that a period in which you live with one or more people, sooner or later you end up doing harm, and go no further.
What I dislike is being alone, but as the saying goes: "Better alone than in bad company."
will look for another girl with whom to talk, but deep down I know end up spending the same, although I do not come prearranged. Today


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