Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight Digital Copy


porqe should not be so happy .. qe if I get up early just to go for the math pef .. xdd no matter ... estoi porqe weno if so, in order the day it made me long but I have a lot of things .. write a letter of friendship is not one of the qe better things to do .. haha but I did my best! XDD .. qe esqe good and everything is fine .. denuevo estoi why muuui but way too happy .. weno but a little boring ... estoi why here and not looking like it should .. xd qe being I have the book to 10 inches of me .. closed (i) XD ... hahah I laughed deeemaciado with xddd wa, 1970 was the best XD ...

me a giant cross in his hand was not my best idea .. I already know u.รบ was shore (H) xdd qe aunqe believed was a wea .. so Antichrist and vola Nazi xddd, naa not know, but now I will be a copier of ideas .. and he makes the giant H (6) hahah tuyasae

wow! and another year passes .. qe Raap was way too: qe or bad but weird things known way too, much too people too .. qe weno demaciado of TooDo I (Y) but I liked the same: B ... wm mosqeteras the three best ... hahaha and now the ride is about year-end: o qedan as 2 weeks or 1 / 2 33 is "way too" low (? xddd fare better hope the year goes .. qe aunqe slit was passed in Picarquin ee ... We do not know where to go .. sh * but we have the course for us .. the pool at night (6) but the walks duuuh! ahhhj not wm .... but it's been a year bcno xd it gets even better x) .. when you start to take the gustito ends on 1 half, now we will be the new and improved 2 nd half (H) XD ... wm if we were recently in 8th grade graduation .. mieeedo: should not be here .. but studying (A) I have studied esqe qe both needed a break today ... oh mine .. xdd loose some people do not know how this thing full qe .. I hopefully I can make 6 lines? Finally .. xdd Green .. ohh Yesterday we put together .. rather put together the Easter tree (R) Christmas spirit wm .. takes 8-) .. uuhh memories of previous years have been way too lately ... weno because of facebook ... my friends the strange wm pta qe uu were wenos moments ... the past was always better k9 ... and so changing the subject .. worth it just told me I have qe qe to write something on the card camila friends xDD! .. Going to throw me over the head k9 .. I'm sure: D



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