Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Like Touching My Moms Boobs

most of the time i am a looser

was a regular day, a fomingo either, waking up late as usual with no memory of anything I did yesterday xdd qe, watch TV ... do the fuckin toilet ¬ ¬, they send you to buy and apart from Teni qe qe comprai you buy anything and then you are missing something important silver pa (Y) xdd .. almorzai as usual .. and I began to play guitar, my fingers hurt so I went to the pc .. qe follow me there i bored .. then I went to see "paranormal activity" ... and wtf how xdd FNAL is not scary but a Qeda like "..... "Xdd then out into the sun ... Brigide qemaban my eyes .. Then take eleven and you start to speak the same wa as always .. what to study xd qe vai .. then when it is parlar bored .. I came back to pc .. denuevo msn and bored me .. face .. as usual .. qe hayley just waiting to answer me my livejournal message you send anonymous xDD qe sdsdasad and that .. now as fresh pineapple ... and this rich, D ia me long ...


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