Sunday, December 26, 2004

Can I Get A State Id Card If I Have A Warrent

Many tests

I just made a test to see which character I am and went Lyoko code:

Take the quiz: "Which Code Lyoko chracter are you?"

You are a city type girl who likes guys and Also, your a tomboy.

and Harry Potter:
ake the quiz: "Which Harry Potter character r u?"

You are brainy and help your friends in ways that are normally not possible

Y cheken que salí en el test de VAMPIROS!!!!!!!!^_^; ^_^;
Take the quiz: "What vampire are you"

You are the king of vampiers
You are wise and are a pure vampire if you werent then you wouldnt have been king! anyway everyone loves you partly because you'll tear there heads of and hang it in your library if they dont and the other part is because though you are lazy physically noting escapes you sight and you rule!! what more do u want?!

Además me acordé Some years ago I saw Dragon Ball villain guess what I got?
Take the quiz: "supervillian Which are you?"

You Want to Be Masters of the universe! But There Are A Few monkeys in your way .. ¬ ¬

!!!!!??????' TO RAYS

Well, I do like the following look:
Take the quiz: "Devil or Angel?"

White Angel
'd Be a white angel ... Pure hearted, You are near perfect, always nice and forgiving, always doing What is right ... You are always caring for Others, and hate to see people hurt.

This morning, I was watching Yugioh! and do not forget to do this test:
Take the quiz: "Which yu-gi-oh character Should you kill?"

Anzu Masaki
if we all just work together ...

Another thing is that some months ago my mom bought fairy figurines Cycily Mary Barker and liked me, I just do the test and it came out:
Take the quiz: "What kind of Flower Fairy are you?? "

Almond Blossom Fairy
Your very bubbly (outgoing, social)


NOT BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!! Here

test Inuyasha, did you notice I did that and that of which inuyasha villain are you?
Take the quiz: "Which Inuyasha Character Are You?"

You are Kagome Kagome! You are cheerful, and not too shy about Expressing feelings. You Become embarssed Easily, But That you make up for in love power! You are Truly sweet.


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