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Working for whom Alex Bulk? Secret has been revealed

Originally posted by [info] mashina_s at Who works Aleksey Bulk? Secret has been revealed
I was able to get information from a source that inspires confidence.
begin with a general.
Russian liberal opposition has a reasonably comfortable existence, despite the most severe accusations against the government. More The authorities supported by a variety of reasons liberals. And as a result, controls the entire meadow!
For example, the main spiritual center of the Liberals - radio and the site "Ekho Moskvy" - in fact, form the agenda of the liberal world. Head of Echo Moskvy, Alexei Venediktov in fact is looking the liberal media: it decides who to put on the "echo" (and really unwind), one ignore (leave in an information vacuum). Omnipotent such authority is obtained.
If someone does not know (and this happens), I repeat, "Ekho Moskvy" is owned by Gazprom. Most loyal power company.
or deemed Opposition TV channel "Ren-TV" , owned by a company belonging to the bank "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk Liberals have long accused the in all imaginable and not very sins, believing that the entrepreneur is one of the most loyal people power.
Not to mention jack liberal democracy - LiveJournal. His co-owner is Alexander Mamut, ever since Yeltsin is one of the most loyal of power entrepreneurs.
And the list goes on and on.
So mediaprotest more than manageable, and therefore for the government is completely safe.
And in critical situations can be resolved with just one click "Vudueu" (Delete). In total, it is a business.
If we speak about the representatives of opposition parties in the face, then self games that we never meet.
KPRF, LDPR and A Fair Russia, Yabloko, the right thing (Chubais), Apple, Patriots of Russia (Semigin) - a system the opposition, playing to know whose rules.
What happens to non-systemic opposition, details of whose existence is known only fans of the Internet - at best three million people (out of almost seventy million tend to vote)?
Alas, they too are not free. They - very comfortable opponents, and therefore fun to play with them in the giveaway, Chapaeva in checkers, a fool, a drunkard and pionerbol. Image of the enemy more than perfect. But she dvizhuha - KVN, in which all participate with pleasure.
such convenient whipping boy should not be left hungry and angry. Therefore, no one interferes with the Liberals getting Western grants or tranches Khodorkovsky, Nevzlin, then to their own in this blame)) are also a number of funding sources for entrepreneurs who are liberals naively believe sincere provide a sufficiently tolerable personal existence of the Liberals. Not to think about their daily bread and not prowling in his quest, where is not necessary.
way, very funny stuff turned out, "Echo of Moscow", coined by Alexei Venediktov, about sources of funding liberals 6-echo /
and laughter, and sin, for all honest people ...
And finally, the bulk of Alexei. His financial independence and maneuver provides a Moscow businessman, who really wants to get into the inner circle of the president. The entrepreneur realizes that the next president will again Medvedev, and expects a Bulk in the future to get the favor of first-person. Bulk action against corruption, which become later in mediaskandaly actually help modernize the clumsy complex state system. When the system is hard to change from within, external signals can cause faster modernization: the rule changes the game, as desired by society publicity and transparency. Therefore, the real bulk nobody is afraid and does not intend to him to press. Suppose that the function of nurse forests, looking for the sins and allows the system to identify weaknesses. Bulk
in this situation turns out to be a hostage position. It is associated too inconsistent obligations.
He criticizes only Putin, but not Medvedev (which is closer to the election it will be difficult explain the supporters - but the thesis about the need to drive a wedge between Putin and Medvedev). It is possible that the sponsor of bulk and he believed that Medvedev is at odds with Putin that naive - but the strategy was solely against Putin is the linchpin. Bulk
received a U.S. promise to protect in the case of the authorities' actions against him in exchange for a more vigorous activity (public fundraising in painting - an old American technology to run convinced that the bulk new friends across the ocean).
Friends liberals expect him public support, which he does not want to Bulk (many of his supporters absolutely not prepared to see the bulk in an embrace with Nemtsov, Kasyanov, Ryzhkov, Milov and others).
on bulk pushes the time factor: the closer the elections will actively play on his field of systematic political opposition parties in a sea of activity that it becomes far less noticeable.
so that the present opposition Bulk was until his new history of the struggle against corruption. Now it - an element of the system.
So all expectations superdeystvy from the bulk of the change of political power are merely illusions. The political scenario, designers and engineers have long been written.
Bulk given time to be believed by those who stopped believing in the other opposition. Wrong, if the protest is in the air and never attached - all trends should be stack in a cell. Through all the stages: the surface of interest, strong interest, euphoria, Watchful waiting, dissonance and subsequent disappointment.
This is the script expects and bulk. He was an ordinary man, albeit very talented.

Anyone who believes both are in bulk, You can only advise not to create for yourself an idol. After more than a cult, the deeper the disappointment. Axiom, tested thousands of years.

UPD: Investigation Committee vovzobnovil case of bulk alny /
best way for the government energetically promoting opposition in the eyes of supporters - to imitate his pursuit of

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What To Substitute For Coconut Oil In Baking


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Proper Way To Wash Wrestling Shoes

brand new day

qe had forgotten he had ever written this sentence: Z, I wrote it a good August 25, 2009 jaksjask, here goes ..

"... when you came I could not resist a smile to my lips, a nervous smile, but incredibly happy ... and finally when I came to you, my legs were shaking, your eyes dark, deep and aggressive, self-conscious me, but nothing stopped me ...