Sunday, February 20, 2011

What To Substitute For Coconut Oil In Baking


finally got to stgo: D I'm very happy wm, if pure Qeri again, as I spent bacan, but Qeri again, all this apart from the concert I can not but seriously sdsad: l input I qe today is only about 26 wajsjas 1313: Z esqe estoi terrible emotion and I do not think even FUCKING qe in 6 days I will meet my guys; Z skdjaskd Hayles, Jerm & tay * o *, in step tay brother, Justin, and Josh Freese o: qe lucky: he screwed up, I am as anxious nervous and nose, all so wajsjasja, let's go to the airport / hotel on 25: D and 26 as much as we will ee earliest the board 23 there seems to think qe qe go see shit all Nosé skdjsakd 1313 qe me I have the shirt I look forward to, and banners and hearts: $ you know, we do mourn for hayley: $ skadjaksd if we hope to excite and *-* want to pure qe arrive Friday / Saturday but after that the school has been Altira: l duuuuuh finally rested well fed, perhaps invite me to another concert: Z Nosé still, Roxette 80's: B Bacá n then see him, but for now just go for wn paramore sdasd eaea, toi esqe porqe excited finally released the voi after I missed for 3 fuckin years ago T_T if that does not forgive me apart I will not know the farro weon, that's the worst of todooooo, the last time came with them XDD obvious and I fucking with the desire qede>: C, but will still meet to weno 1313 Hbomb *-* and Jerm taylor and c:, qe mejorrrr: D ahh I

the muri and Naxo c:, the airport nose even with whom perhaps we covered up the cote, esperoooo did not want to go wna qe concert: l ajdkasd finally, lalalalalala that would be it c:

k ps. qe seems not touch My heart and let the flames begin, not born for this>: C - let the flames .. Freese porqe not know it askdjksajdsk csm, and that c:


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