Saturday, January 9, 2010

Write Wedding Card Close Friend

things to do

this 2010 is going much better than I ever thought qe. I've seen a lot of movies .. and I still qedan some by seeing, reading Eclipse is one of the qe things I do in the coming weeks: P .. but I will not obsess me way too .. porqe and I finally finished reading it in 5 days, but anyway .. what I will anyway.

out, out, out .. computer .. TV .. sleep .. qe is all I've done so far and I've been pretty good, I'll be thinking of leaving this Tuesday, I mean just invited me to if I qe qe go: B, I saw the jesus maria: D woow way too time step. . weno bieen always passed with it .. pure "Smurf" hahaha until not many of the night ... but excellent.

today saw a roller coaster really uses impact qe no, qe but that, I get scared, and now estoi a little fantasyland wondering if I will or not .. qe aunqe is nothing compared to that thing: /

qedan me these last weeks before heading to Santiago Viña do not know if I will go to The Cranberries ... u.ú!
but I'll try haha (6) and your sae.

... write to Hayles in time to answer you .. qe is much harder than I thought qe, people filled the damn thing .. Altira and I the day after .. ¬ ¬ to the next will be ... I always say the same thing hahaha

Ayeeer vi Speak, and PPP hahahahaha, i luv u kristen made me mourn the damn uu fix me .. and I realized half qe depression always makes movies .. : / Including twilight weno .. but it comes BCNoS.

going to write something else but I completely erase the mind uu .. then ..
greetings: D



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