Friday, February 11, 2005

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas

I can not stand, I'm sick !!!!!!!!!

This week has been one of the worst I had all the 3rd high school, so I leave work, 66 news for Thursday !!!!!!!.
And then the anthology, that was the worst, I put all of that work to get 48 of 50 points, the truth is that I'm tired, I feel very desepcionada all, before he started school with a good of encouragement, but I'm holding a time when pieno "and to do so if I'm wrong all the time?, everybody does it better than I do? then so that I try so hard for something that I will not be able to do anything I get esque, I'm not understanding many things in class, and I ask my friends and say "I do not know" and then I see solving this exercise, and taking part in the class.
Also, I feel really down, I ended up really tired on Friday to see if a faint one day did not end there, I think that is the purpose of school, until a miss Civics told us
- "I'm glad to sleep an hour or two, that means they are tired and have worked ".-
or something, I think I have bad luck before, while working harder, seeing as the other went really well not even try, I'm sick of BE THE OTHER PARTY AND COME IN HERE TO THERE DOING NOTHING AND OUT WELL, or pass it in the movies or things like that, I'm sick !!!!.
On the other hand, I wanted to show Miss which had already improved, because I remember when I was in seventh grade, I was very wrong in English, and this time I wanted to show I could do it well, I read more exempting examinations that drafted better, more involved, but I think I've done or at least I tried to not take into account, and I work, but you intereza ugual and not what I work, a example: an anthology, not importt I took a few days making just grabbed a pencil and said, Very good 48 points! Is that all?, I do not etoy here for a great time! am to 50 points, and I want is a compliment, I ask no more, that's what I want, even entrgué will give you a rough draft before the original, and did not tell me my mistakes, this is unfair. My goal was to have the best of the anthologies and now, my trbajo is one of the lot, 48 points! tdo world can get 48 points, but I must get 50, that was my goal! and hoped that the miss was going to help, but I desepcionó, and pissed me off, she says I like English (I knew because he told Miss Flavia), which is why that should help, if it is their duty. Yet I loved her classes, if it was all we talked about in my house, I've learned countless things with it, but I never thought that would affect me so I put all my effort into that list, I've never done a job with such an effort and dedication, but if only they had told me I was wrong, things had been different, very different.
That same afternoon, after school, I began to mourn, I was so angry and sad at the same time, I forgot the excitement and the like with which he had made, I thought it was better to do and to ride how they came to some, to see if he was liked but then I thought that my idea of an anthology it was not like many I saw, if not the most complete and excellent, with new data from which everyone could learn, I went to many encyclopedias, books, my notebook, internet, dictionaries , textbooks, etc., and when asked which fyeron my mistakes, I said,
"Esque this is irrelevant, you get too rollera," ROLLERA !!!!!???????, those " rolls, "he would have served more culture and enrich their classes, yet ??????, ¿¿¿¿¿¿ not like I thought he was really smart, and knew too much, but I was wrong .
That was my error. Hello


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