Sunday, August 1, 2004

Carnival Cruise Tanzanite

CELEBRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!

they believe? Took no shaman king!, VIVA !!!!! CELEBRATE.
I swear that when I was watching the announcement of what they were going to spend jetix shaman king, gave me heart sank, I thought they were going flat and remove and they would replace it with something else, but it seems that we won war, not know why not removed, will there was because we sent them messages artarlos horn? or do you simply not going to remove it?.
I do not know but good will not remove it, besides what do I know if I'll take it off or not?, Had not said anything about whether he would be removed or not, eh.
But that relief, right now just send them to Jetix, thanks for all the fans departe of shaman king.
also was watching the messages of other people who had put, and many said they liked shaman king, would be a mistake to remove it sincerely.

that's all.



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