Saturday, December 18, 2010

How Big Was John Holmes

2011 ~

Oh, yeah baby 8D (?)

Okay, no, but ;---; let this thing abandoned ~ sorry (U)
simply was because of school, i was sooo busy lately, so I could not post or read the other post of you, abstracted, or I could be at here for time D: \u0026lt;

I finally finish school, but I recovered two subjects, one on 21 and the other on 29, well this Christmas and New Year, New Year that I pit to the house of my father and I stayed there for a few days, perhaps without internet.

guess I'll be stable in 2011, early January, more or less ... I D8 ... I doubt it ~ in order (?)

I think life is very unfair, why?
God is punishing me for being so regulator (?) D8 them, as I started reading
diet, not strict, but to keep my body healthy and see if I can get off the rolls 8D But
as I said ... life is cruel, my sister is cruel e_e I can not eat certain things and she does? will be the purchase and eat in front of me, doing it on purpose, I know, AA (?)
Although I will strive, I'll go out to do some exercise in addition to exercise my fingers here (?)

Well, the other day was to see the movie, at last, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows - Part 1 ... Tento
But so lucky, and I'm fucked up by birds that do not luck, that day it rained, causing the no go, I mean ... Anchoa ran out of film, Harry Potter and boring without looking like p * to forecast said it was raining (?)
still want to see, but I do not follow in theaters, not now also D8, I have luck, so will not be ... I wish to continue, you can go see and then throw me the desire and yah

e_e And speaking of Harry Potter, I found the magazine geek I bought in the days that the fourth movie came " , Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ", where he appeared many secrets, interviews, behind the scenes, etc. on that movie. I have it saved on my "Baul of my valuables" {which is a cardboard box (?) But I will say this to create me a nice illusion of fairy e_e} and I think that will remain there until you die ~ like geek magazine SCC in short. ;

Aish ~ hope I never have so many obligations now 8DDD
And to these more active around here;
Kisses to all