Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meralgia Parestheticabinder

Like Azucar Amarga the film because it shows the same problems between Cuba and the United States. For example, in the nineties and eighties, no one knew about AIDS. People thought it was as contagious as influenza and as dangerous as botulism, and reacted with fear . Also, the loss of professions, problems with time economíay protest is as the years of President Bush, especially when Fidel says no problems in the country. It's like the banner of "Mission Accomplished" of George Bush in the war on terrorism.

I like the rock in all countries have something to protest. There armoníay that unit.

To speak as a Marxist, not discuss the issue of communism because communism is not true. Communism did not exist in a government in history, with the exception of the creation of the Soviet Union & mdash but not after. Governments were called "communists" were dictatorships that were against the principal of communism. When Thomas says that the cake socialist idea that represents the truth. The themes of tourism and prostitution demonstrates capitalism, the exact opposite of communism .

I also like the relationship between Yolanda and Gustavo. It's very sensual without being totally physical, its problems are political idealists. Also fall in love with their minds with their hearts and bodies. It is a relationship as people older than Yolanda and Gustavo.

My favorite person as Bobby. "My friends say that" a character like Nora in every film, "and Bobby is.

The song that Bobby and his friends sing is beautiful! I know the name of it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

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My Family Tree My Parents

I know a lot about the history of my family because my mother has much interest in our genealogy. My father's family has lived in Ohio for many generations, but came home to Ireland. The parents of my maternal grandmother came from Ireland. The history of the parents of my grandfather is very interesting. My great grandmother would have fourteen when she became pregnant with my grandfather and my grandfather would have twenty years. The two never married. My grandfather traveled widely, and there is a rumor that has eleven married life. My grandfather was born in Washington state. The parents of my great grandmother my grandfather raised him more, and have origins English Germans. My mother can trace ancestry to the Mayflower, and knows that we are related to famous pilgrims, including some witches of Salem, his accusers, and the man who created the first Thanks, William Bradford.

My mother, your mother and I traveled to Ireland six years ago, and my mother and I want to go back, my grandmother has Alzheimer's disease and not can travel. Ireland is a very beautiful country and people are the best.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harley Davidson Truck Ow

My parents met at work in the early eighties. My mother would have twenty-four and thirty-five years my father would. My father was married at the time the crazy and manipulative woman named Betty, and together would have my four brothers. My parents worked on together for three years before the divorce my father and Betty. The night after Betty said she wanted a divorce, my father kissed my mother. She believed while just wanted to silence him because he was drunk. They started out a little later, and a month moved into together. In a year, married. My mother would have to learn how to live with my brothers teens, were very difficult. My older brother tried to separate my parents, my sister was away to sports (but I was doing drugs), my brother was a teenager Galan very annoying, and my younger brother was a boy with special needs. The all were under the power of his crazy mother, which upset my father on payments to children. It was a time of Financial and emotional difficulties by my parents.

Three years after the marriage of my parents, I was born.

Many years later, my mother knew my father was a conservative, and things have never been the same.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Muscle Spasm When Stomach Is Empty

WOMEN Spanish film Yo

I like her movie WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN because it is very funny and strange . I look a little bit of me in Candela; a lot of energy, a little crazy, and she runs in bad situations sometimes. And Pepa is stubborn sometimes, but very strong lately.

But I like bad "deus ex machina" at the end, and the obvious stereotypes of women that the film plays. Many women find men Movano, emotionless
were ridiculous or crazy.
In spite of this, made a strong woman is the protagonist and the antagonist is a crazy woman because of her senses is said that the film is not according to stereotypes.

My favorite moment is when Pepa throws the phone the second time. It's very ridiculous! And then at the end Pepa says that man is nice phone for Marisa, Good match!

I like Almodóvar said Ivan, who is afraid of the reactions of women, and that is why he likes to voice mail. But it's still sad that so many women believe the lies about him.

The worst part is the translation! When police questioned Pepa and Lucy is there, she asks "Where is [Ivan]?" But the drive is called "Ca ; llat! " What is this?! It is very stupid.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

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QUESTION: Describe your experience with the English (in class and outside class) and your interactions with English speakers. What aspects of Latino cultures / Latin / English interest you? Who that has helped you develop these interests?

I started learning English when I handed seven years. I wanted learn Japanese because I have a Japanese guy, but my school did not have. But something interesting is that the guy himself is friends with Isabel Allende, the famous author of Chile. My uncle Japanese is the "medical Chinese" Cará ; character in many of his books.

many I have no experience with English outside of class. I stretched a boyfriend who had a mother who did not speak ENGL is, and I needed speak English all that knew her. M exico went once, but a tourist area where they speak ENGL és . But I was the only gringo that CHARITY the words to "La Cucaracha" on that trip and the natives thought it was funny .

E ish spa is important to me because I am Californian, and there hispanohablandos many in California. It is a skill prá ctico here. É also n, I can curse people without them knowing . It is a language easier than ENGL é s, and sometimes better language to express my feelings.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

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My friends and some teachers call me Muffin (it's a joke when I was 13). I have twenty-one and use my position to benefit Juridical Max, if you know I mean. : D I'm from Walnut Creek, East Bay, live there with my parents and class management. Believe it or not, but I'm naturally blonde, not red hair. My ethnicity is Irish, and because of that my family is Catholic, but I am an atheist. I have three cats with very Irish names I discovered in a book of Irish names: Zaira (ZI-ruh), Anmcha (AHN-kuh) and Siothín (show-Heenan). study English and I write for my profession. I willingly confess to that I am a sado-masochistic, it is my life and sexuality and I have vergü enza of fact. I have three brothers and one sister have the same father but have different mothers. My sister has two sons who are 12 and 4 years old and my brother Galan has two daughters who are 6 and 4 years and a son a baby is one year, my nieces and they live in Virginia and brother my sister and her family live in Sacramento. In the winter, I ski my parents Sugarbowl construction in California, and Deer Valley and Alta in Utah. I like many bands, including Muse, Lady Gaga, Green Day, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Rob Zombie, and Eve 6, but my favorite is Marilyn Manson, in spite of his to Albums past.
I am very upset the verdict of the trial of Johannes Mehserle at the time.