Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Way To Configure Pinnacle Game Profiler

Merry Christmas!


Wishes You Merry Christmas love of your life =)
Here some pictures and a small gift but not least, Bonus Track.

Look, we in Puerto Montt xDxD

about us giving us a
farewell kiss

And the expected

*** Bonus Track *** Christmas, hope you like>, \u0026lt;

\u0026lt;For MIRAR>


I adore my baby!!

now arrange my things to go to Viña very early morning, I hope a happy trip, as well as we go so far and that is something that unites us even more as a couple. I love you INFINITY

my beautiful princess!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cartoon Network B,day Blast


gourmet see the channel on Saturday morning is one of the most entertaining things , Weno at least it was with the brand: D, qe? .. porqe Friday was the thing naty, and everything was so exciting .. but first I will tell my whole day was pretty looong qe, first get to school so dead-faced, and try to look well with the loose, 5 minutes before the test, so then type 8:50 am and was free then emm .. aa yeah .. estuviemos weando a good time on the street .. xd i do naa then went to the mall, until about 11:30? something, then come to my house and I qe out, hopefully I changed clothes and went out, and go for what had happened .. qe osea me back almost the same way, if you go up outside the mall k9, after lunch, so very early, and went to Providence to seek the order qe had made the mark, there some problems but in the end went well, so heat was shit type 2 pm duuh!, then after we left it and went home pa denuevo, and returned a short time step out, we arrived and we had to fix all pa qe when naty arrived, and so inflating balloons and fly .. pta qe were hard wm xd xd gave my lungs ... cerpentinas then ... k9 is tangled but still qedaron good (y) .. qe had then bring the cpu to the living room .. connecting to data pa .. Webe there other more .. qlo data not grab the information from the cpu .. Web-IO for about an hour there ... qe to give up and took too denuevo .. and brought the TV XD ... wm qlo but the data could not win me .. So we do there in the room .. try it work .. and voila XD just call us and we qedaban like 5 minutes to get pa .. denuevo changing and there too .. TV out denuevo pa .. and bringing the CPU and the data k9 .. at least it worked .. thanks to my (h) xdd weno right after the video stopped when they reached the pa qe put .. there came and hug and hug .. and we got to see .. wm .. super exciting toos qedamos crying hahah ... mui was turned on the light porqe funny .. and toos with red, watery eyes xDDD weno XD that was the idea then ate what we had gone to get qe ee .. xd
was exquisite and pure then .. bla bla even as the 1 xd but it was a good day .. weno and we brought to the mark and from there I started to count .. xd see the gourmet channel .. and the discovery home & health ... until about 2 pm .. wnas pta the loose .. and my cage of laughter when offered a fant-shop and she said .. oh wn taking a fant-shop in bed pta qe soi xd hahaha and then we loose more things HAART until 1 denuevo .. more or less .. and hoi ... I woke up early whole at 10:30: o ... sleep shit ... and now here .. estoi as should be studying haha (6) pa QEA little knowing the outcome of the elections, or ... and 6 days pal camp qean weee! xdd

Friday, December 11, 2009

How To Put On Adult Cloth Diaper

precious little love ....

I leave a nice little theme because I love you, and you're everything to me.
it long since you posted something!
kisses my life,
I love you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight Digital Copy


porqe should not be so happy .. qe if I get up early just to go for the math pef .. xdd no matter ... estoi porqe weno if so, in order the day it made me long but I have a lot of things .. write a letter of friendship is not one of the qe better things to do .. haha but I did my best! XDD .. qe esqe good and everything is fine .. denuevo estoi why muuui but way too happy .. weno but a little boring ... estoi why here and not looking like it should .. xd qe being I have the book to 10 inches of me .. closed (i) XD ... hahah I laughed deeemaciado with xddd wa, 1970 was the best XD ...

me a giant cross in his hand was not my best idea .. I already know u.ú was shore (H) xdd qe aunqe believed was a wea .. so Antichrist and vola Nazi xddd, naa not know, but now I will be a copier of ideas .. and he makes the giant H (6) hahah tuyasae

wow! and another year passes .. qe Raap was way too: qe or bad but weird things known way too, much too people too .. qe weno demaciado of TooDo I (Y) but I liked the same: B ... wm mosqeteras the three best ... hahaha and now the ride is about year-end: o qedan as 2 weeks or 1 / 2 33 is "way too" low (? xddd fare better hope the year goes .. qe aunqe slit was passed in Picarquin ee ... We do not know where to go .. sh * but we have the course for us .. the pool at night (6) but the walks duuuh! ahhhj not wm .... but it's been a year bcno xd it gets even better x) .. when you start to take the gustito ends on 1 half, now we will be the new and improved 2 nd half (H) XD ... wm if we were recently in 8th grade graduation .. mieeedo: should not be here .. but studying (A) I have studied esqe qe both needed a break today ... oh mine .. xdd loose some people do not know how this thing full qe .. I hopefully I can make 6 lines? Finally .. xdd Green .. ohh Yesterday we put together .. rather put together the Easter tree (R) Christmas spirit wm .. takes 8-) .. uuhh memories of previous years have been way too lately ... weno because of facebook ... my friends the strange wm pta qe uu were wenos moments ... the past was always better k9 ... and so changing the subject .. worth it just told me I have qe qe to write something on the card camila friends xDD! .. Going to throw me over the head k9 .. I'm sure: D


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Like Touching My Moms Boobs

most of the time i am a looser

was a regular day, a fomingo either, waking up late as usual with no memory of anything I did yesterday xdd qe, watch TV ... do the fuckin toilet ¬ ¬, they send you to buy and apart from Teni qe qe comprai you buy anything and then you are missing something important silver pa (Y) xdd .. almorzai as usual .. and I began to play guitar, my fingers hurt so I went to the pc .. qe follow me there i bored .. then I went to see "paranormal activity" ... and wtf how xdd FNAL is not scary but a Qeda like "..... "Xdd then out into the sun ... Brigide qemaban my eyes .. Then take eleven and you start to speak the same wa as always .. what to study xd qe vai .. then when it is parlar bored .. I came back to pc .. denuevo msn and bored me .. face .. as usual .. qe hayley just waiting to answer me my livejournal message you send anonymous xDD qe sdsdasad and that .. now as fresh pineapple ... and this rich, D ia me long ...